Art Cowan, The Pipe Bender, designs problem solving products for the fisherman.

Whether you surf fish from the beach and jetties or head off-shore for tuna, we have products for you. We offer unique racks to carry your rods in your truck, and we have the ultimate rod carrier if you ride your bike to your favorite spot.

With an eye for detail, custom boatwork is our specialty. We make custom T-tops and cooler holders. And for the home, we have the beautiful fish chime. These products are hand crafted in the USA from durable, lightweight anodized aluminum.


Art Cowan expresses his passion for the outdoors through his creative innovations with his aluminum pipe and extrusions. He was born and raised on his family’s farm in Green Creek, New Jersey. Artie is an avid fisherman and outdoorsman, as well as, a certified welder.

He has invented many products throughout the years and obtained his first patent in 2003 for “The Fish Windchime”. Artie stumbled upon the fish design while trying to bend an aluminum pipe into the shape of a heart for his beautiful wife Kim. This unique fish shape has become his trademark design. After a few years of development “The Fish Windchime” was aired on QVC and was very successful; selling thousands over many broadcasts. Soon after the debut of the” Fish Windchime”.

Artie soon began working on a second product – a fishing rod holder for a bicycle. One day he noticed his son’s unsafely riding their bikes down their grandfather’s pond. They were struggling to balance a fishing pole and gear. He  came up with a way to safely stow the fishing rods behind the seat allowing for his son’s to keep both hands on the handle bars.  “Wheelin Reels” was born –  a hot new product created to transport one’s fishing gear safely and efficiently to any favorite fishing destination, whether it be to a bridge a beach, pond, pier, camping ect. “Wheelin Reels” also includes a removable bait board that can also be used to carry light fishing gear.

Artie’s creative mind continues to develop new and more efficient products each and every day. Stay tuned for his next exciting idea!